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2008 - Volume VII, Issue 4
JACK KEIR This year's Honorary Hungarian
CANADIAN RED CROSS Solves Magyar Mystery
by Magda Sasvári and daughters Joanne and Frances
100 YEARS OF NYUGAT by Ágnes Vashegyi MacDonald
NHV FILM REVIEW by Angus MacDonald
Örökbefogadás (Adoption)
BOOK REVIEW by Anita Bedő 
Culture Shock! Hungary:
A Guide to Customs and Etiquette

HUNGARIAN FOLK TALE The Resonant Cave by Rosika Schwimmer
SKÓT ISKOLA by Jack Keir A Lesson from Scottish School Teaches
us that we're all connected
LAKE BALATON: The Battle to Preserve a National Treasure by Anita Bedő

ÁK by Lorraine Weideman
An introduction to artist
Vilmos v. Aba-Novák
ZENTA by Eddi Wagner
WHO ARE WE ANYWAY? by Anita Bedő
THE URBAN FAKANÁL by Mária Vajna Mushroom and Paprika Sauce

Summer 2008 - Volume VIII, Issue 3

Points Of View From The Hungarian-Canadian Community By Peter Czink VRNT
There May Be Light At The End Of The Tunnel:“For Anyone That Has Had Their Feelings Hurt, The New Board Of Directors Offers Their Most Sincere Apologies.” The Board Of Directors, Hungarian Cultural Centre Of Greater Vancouver
Hungarian Folkdance And The Revival MOVEMENT By Greg Csiszár
Film Review By Angus Macdonald Kontroll: “There’s No Such Thing As A Free Ride.”
Book Review By Ágnes Vashegyi Macdonald When A Renaissance Man Becomes Postmodern: Sándor Lénárd. The Valley Of The Latin Bear
Magyar Anthem By Anita Bedő
The Cherished And Tragic Soul Of The Hungarian People
Hungarian Folk Tale Translated By Andrea Szilágyi A Midnight Visit - A Hungarian Soldier's Legend
Budapest Chronicles II By Angus Macdonald
A Literary Junket Through The Streets Of Hungary’s Capital
Csontváry By Lorraine Weideman
An Introduction To Artist Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka
Tiszavirág By Eddi Wagner
It's The Time Of The Year To Watch The Tisza "Flower" Again.
Who Are We Anyway? By Anita Bedő
In This Second Instalment Of The NHV’s Ancient History Series, We Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Theories Exploring The Origins Of Magyar, The Hungarian Language.
The Urban Fakanál Roast Pork With Caraway Seeds By Mária Vajna

Spring 2008 - Volume VII, Issue 2
Points Of View From The Hungarian-Canadian Community By Peter Czink
Budapestaudioguide.Com - Your Private Guide In Budapest By Andrea Szilágyi
An Afternoon At Chateau Vincent: Hungary’s Champagne Champion
 By Angus Macdonald
“To Most Canadians, Hungarian Wine Begins And Ends With Egri Bikavér...”
The NHV Interview By Lorraine Weideman And Ágnes Vashegyi Macdonald
“The Hungarian Cultural Society’s Miklós Párdányi.”
A Culture Of Suicide By Anita Bedő
NHV Book Review By Ágnes Vashegyi Macdonald  “Antal Szerb’s Journey By Moonlight…”
Hungarian Folktales Retold By Andrea Szilágyi  “The Lazy Girl – A Székely Folktale.”
Budapest Chronicles II By Angus Macdonald  “A Literary Junket Through The Streets Of
Hungary’s Capital…”
Unicum Hungaricum By Greg Csiszár
Lajos Márton By Lorraine Weideman
Hot Springs And Thermal Baths In Hungary By Csaba Tanner
Zimony By Eddi Wagner
Who Are We Anyway? Part I By Anita Bedő
History Repeating Itself By Eddi Wagner

Winter 2008: Volume VI - Issue I
Our Forum: Points Of View From The Hungarian-Canadian Community Nyelvében él a Nemzet! by Peter Czink
Hungarian Institution Awards Silver Medal To Local Vancouverite by Lorraine Weideman
Hungarian Horseback Archery By Greg Csiszár
The NHV Interview with Ilona Drechsel (née Bólya) was born in Jászdázsa, Hungary; a small village to which she maintains a faithful intimacy. by Greg Csiszár  
Folktale Hunter: Preserving A Precious Inheritance by Peter Czink
NHV Book Review  As Time Elapses and Sustains - The Lost Rider: A Bilingual Anthology by Ágnes Vashegyi MacDonald
Hungarian Folk Tales - Háry János retold by Andrea Szilágyi
Budapest Chronicles II by Angus MacDonald
My Memories Of Zombor by Eddi Wagner
Brassai by Lorraine Weideman
Out Of The Closet - And Born Again! by Anita Bedő